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What is the TCC Project?

We are a Dominican company, which will be tokenizing some environmental assets, in TCC we will plant 1,040,000 mahogany plants will be planted at zero time, of which only 458,400 plants will become adults, after 3 thinning. We have an agricultural component where we will plant 320,000 cocoa plants, whose purpose is to cover all the costs of fertilization and maintenance of mahogany, thus making the project self-sustainable from the 3rd year, which is when it begins to produce cocoa.

Initially, each mahogany tree will cost $ 60 usd, and the 10-year price of each tree will be $ 550 usd.

Of the total amount of adult trees to commercialize we will only tokenize 90%, being 426,000 mahogany trees to tokenize. For a total of 42,600,000 tokens to be issued. Each token will be worth $ 0.6 usd at the time of issue, a tree will be 100 tokens. It will be the same project that will carry out the commercialization process for Caobas, for which we will establish the secondary market.
The project has a social component FundaciĆ³n Sembrando Sonrisas, here we will be working hand in hand with the community close to our project, developing in them tools that allow them to develop and get out of the extreme poverty in which they live.

What is security on farms?

The farms will have a staff 24/7, in the day all the personnel of the daily tasks, in the nights a security personnel. In addition to having agroforestry insurance from the time the planting of the farm is completed, it will cover any adverse situations that may arise. At the same time, social work will be carried out with the community, where the community feels a benefit of having us there and protects the property from unscrupulous people.

Forest plantations are the safest investments since, being long-term and an asset, it is impossible to commercialize in the first years of growth and then as the trees grow, these being so heavy, they need large equipment for cutting, dragging and transportation, which cannot go unnoticed.

What price will the TCC token have?

The TCC token will cost 0.60 usd and you will own 1% of a mahogany tree.

What is mahogany thinning?

Thinning consists of cutting or removing a proportion of the trees in a stand. Any forest plantation that wants accelerated growth, sows at a shorter planting frame or distance between plants, so that the plants are closer to each other and they develop a competition for sunlight.
In our case, the first thinning or cutting comes to the 4th year, of 30% of the general population of trees, this will allow them to start the career of thickening the tree, after 2 more years, in our 6th year, a second thinning of another 30% of the remaining trees to continue giving space to the thickening of the tree, at the end another thinning of 10% in year 8. Thus leaving the growth of the selected or definitive trees for the final harvest.

How is the investor guaranteed by some type of guarantee that at least the money destined for planting and maintenance for the first 10 years is blocked from being used for that purpose?

TCC states in its Business Plan that it takes 1.5 years to execute the project.

The project will start in the traditional way, with land and capital investors, whose investment will be secured with mahogany plants and annual payments for the rental of land and payment of interest for capital disbursement.

Those who acquire our tokens are already acquiring mahogany trees that are growing, already established, so they can go to the project and see their investment growing.

With the sale of the tokens we seek to raise a capital of 15 mm USD for the total execution of the project.

The token acquirers will have 3 divestment windows, which from the 4th year can change TCC tokens if they wish.

Are there fire or natural disaster insurance?

Yes. There are local insurances that guarantee the investment. We will have international policies with local intermediaries, which provide greater and better coverage. We have contacted AGRODOSA (Aseguradora Agropecuaria Dominicana SA) and are willing to cover the risks of our project such as: drought, flood, excess rain, strong winds, cyclone, including depression and tropical storm, hurricanes, pests and unknown diseases in the country.
AGRODOSA has international reinsurers such as Munich Re, Swiss Re and Partner Re. They are its strategic allies that cover 85% of what is insured by AGRODOSA.

When does the distribution of dividends to TCC investors begin?

From year 11 TCC will be in a position to start distributing dividends to its investors. Although the production capacity, the growth rate and the volume per tree are essential, the felling capacity is key when calculating the return on investment time, in case you choose to sell the staggered wood or in roll, national or exported.
Knowing that from year 4 we will have divestment windows open for investors who hold our TCC tokens, where they can be capitalized.

What characteristics does the token have?

It will be a security token on the Stellar blockchain. We can manage tokens, including offering the investor a certain layer of privacy against some transactions that you may not want to be public.

In addition, everything related to the token will be saved in the company’s own database. Each investor will have access to a friendly platform, where they can track their investment and the status and price of their tokens at all times.

What are the benefits of investing in TCC?

1. The Mahogany have a permanently growing demand in the world market, even though it is small, it is among the countries that import the most mahogany wood, let us say that we have an unsatisfied national market.
2. We have within the project by-products that provide the long-term sustainability of the project, within the same mahogany, at the 5th year that wood that is cut for thinning or thinning is used to make charcoal, highly demanded and sustainable due to the sprouts.
3. The Planting of Cocoa as a crop to cover the costs associated with the maintenance of mahogany from the 3rd or 4th year.
4. Adding value to cocoa with a chocolate maker could increase the income of this item by more than 1000%.

Are periodic reports or audits carried out to know the state of the plantations?

Yes. We carry out periodic reports (one per year), validated by an external auditor, detailing the evolution of the trees and the care they have been subjected to in each period.

Why is TCC sustainable?

Most forest investment products offer returns ranging between 5% and 8% accumulated annually, while at TCC we increase that return. And by having an agricultural component that will cover the expenses of mahogany, we can say that we have a self-sustaining project over time.

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