Why The Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic amply has the unbeatable temperature, rainfall, quality of the terrain and solar radiation for this type of plantation.

The Dominican Republic has the largest economy in Central America and the Caribbean and is known for promoting foreign investment. According to the World Bank, it was ranked as the largest recipient of foreign direct investment in the Caribbean in 2012.

Investing in the Dominican Republic is a wise decision. The country has one of the most dynamic and stable economies in Latin America. This Caribbean paradise has 1,575 km of coastline and beaches of white sand and crystal-clear water, a location with an enviable geographical situation, full of unimaginable natural attractions. The city of Santo Domingo (the capital of the country) dominates high buildings that reflect the development of a modern and safe city to live in.

Regulated, fair and sustainable

To guarantee the success of the project, TCC has acquired genetically certified seeds, which guarantees growth and improved characteristics of the wood.

The high demand for this variety of wood due to its particular properties such as its hardness, resistance, color, beauty, durability and its low availability in the market, in addition to its high value, make this species an attraction for the world market.

Due to the fact that the greater amount of this wood comes from stealth logging and not from regulated plantations, it is the right time for this type of plantation from an environmental and commercial point of view.

Various governments around the world have reached agreements through CITES (Convention on Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) for the prohibition of indiscriminate logging and commercialization of any wild specimen.

Due to these prohibitions and their high demand, TCC Dominicana offers global investors the opportunity to invest in a safe and self-sustaining project with high profitability and a valuable environmental contribution, with a clear social component that will improve the lives of families in the environment.

A blockchain secured Investment

Blockchain technology makes it possible to publicly save and audit an accounting record. The main benefits are transparency, traceability, security, decentralization and immutability of information. Technology allows us to program tokens and create this digital asset that can represent legal rights to a tangible asset.